Posted on March 13, 2017

Michelin Expands Mountain Bike Tire Offering with Four New Products


New ranges of tires designed for cross-country and all-mountain terrains

GREENVILLE, S.C., March 13, 2017 ─ Michelin today announces extensive additions to its mountain bike tire selection, with four distinct ranges for multiple terrains and performance needs. For the first time, the new products will also feature electric bike readiness and a wider diameter (2.6) on the all-mountain tires.

The new collection of tires is engineered to deliver excellent grip and strength to cover an exceptionally wide variety of terrain. The four new ranges are: MICHELIN Jet XCR, MICHELIN Force XC, MICHELIN Force AM and Michelin Wild AM.

The Jet XCR is the fastest Michelin tire for mountain biking and provides for greater performance and propulsion thanks to its mix of two rubber compounds. Force XC is the most agile of Michelin’s cross-country tires for mountain bikes and was developed with the 2016 UCI World Cup Champion team. The Force AM is extra tough and durable and therefore perfect for trail and “All Mountain” riding. Lastly, the Wild AM offers improved grip and propulsion as well as excellent braking thanks to its mix of three rubber compounds.

“These new products mark an exciting new chapter in Michelin’s bicycle tire offerings,” said Tim Saunders, North American bicycle sales manager for Michelin. “Riders today are looking for more and better performances with less compromise on comfort, efficiency and precision.  These tires have the compounds, the tread patterns and the technology to enhance the entire experience.”




In the course of development, Michelin worked closely with partners from the world of competition, including the most experienced teams and riders from each discipline. This co-development approach proved especially valuable with the introduction of two new technologies: Gum-X and Shield technology. Gum-X refers to the new-generation of compounds designed to deliver grip, energy efficiency and longevity.  Additionally, Shield technologies introduce tires with a reinforced high-density cross-ply casing that are tuned specifically to the tire’s application: race, cross-country and mountain trail.


Cross-country riders require a good level of comfort for extended time on the trails without compromising grip for the significant time spent going uphill. For all-mountain riding, high downhill speeds require the tires to easily absorb shock without compromising strength or grip ability. To rise to all of these challenges, Michelin has developed four tires that offer the most appropriate solution.  Riders will be able to combine front and rear tires of different ranges in order to fully customize their ride experience, a first for the market.


The new tire lines also introduce products that are e-Bike ready, another marketplace first for Michelin. The popularity of electric bicycles has driven the need to develop products that can offer the strength to withstand the additional torque produced by the rear wheel. The new All-Mountain tires are compatible for electric bikes.


The launch of these four new ranges will begin this spring

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